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Originally Posted by big chainring View Post
Is that a typical entry fee for this type of event?
For events, time = money. They have deputy, EMS, other folks on overtime, and have to have people around for a long time.

Figure a normal metric/century at $50, and then throw in the other stuff, it's fairly reasonable for that size of an event.

The Madison Ironman is something like $2500.

Originally Posted by iab View Post
It's an "easy" 20-hour drive. It's nothing.

I'll buy all the beers at Tony's after the ride.
I think I've done it in my sleep before. In fact, I'm sure I have. 1127 miles, door to door.
I can make the Gary/Chicago line in 15 hours if all goes well, but lately I've been going across from Indy, missing the mess. The City of Broad Shoulders is truly something to drive around.

You are really making progress.... you don't happen to know Tony, do you?
If so, you may well know me already.
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