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Originally Posted by Chicago Al View Post
We're drawing you??? Hard to curb my enthusiasm, sorry.

I'll have to check the calendar. We may be doing college-freshman dropoff then, but if not, I should go for it. Where is a hill I can try? You may have to go out to Barrington. One usually shifts when going uphill, right?
Same here. I broached the subject very softly this morning, and didn't get the raised eyebrows or anything.... I also have the drop-off, so the dates are important here, too. I won't bring up that "the college is on the way to Wisconsin...." That may not fly well. But I'm working on it.

Think of it this way, even for the 200K: 12,000' of climbing isn't so bad when you realize it's really a series of about 100 rollers. With the scenery, only a handfull of folks will be riding urgently, anyway. Check out the gallery of photos. I could name about 1/3 of those locations.

Oh, and I forgot tea biscuits. Dodgeville is the place for those, I think. If you try one, you'll be taking them home. My sister would probably be able to whip up a bunch; she used to make them for local restaurants. Oh, and rhubarb pie will be in season. I may skip the ride and just eat all day.

County road ZZ on the map, I just remembered....use to have pot growing all over both sides of the road. Something I vaguely remember from my teenage years...
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