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Originally Posted by SlimRider View Post
Just always remember:

People who carry handguns, are more apt to take on characteristics that may not be natural to them. They will quite often be more proned to act in a particular manner that might tend to invite discord or confrontation, rather than to avoid such a situation. For some reason when armed, they seem to attract more trouble than when unarmed.

To arm yourself habitually while performing a routine task is just asking for trouble in my opinion. If you feel that you must arm yourself, just to perform daily operations, then it might be time to modify your routine.

OTOH, whenever a criminal is shot in the act of commiting a crime involving violence, then the shooting should always be ruled justifiable. That's regardless as to who does the shooting, civilian or the authorities.
I completely disagree. While I'm sure that there are those who feel macho while carrying, everyone I know that carries is always very polite. I know that for me, when I carry I am much more polite...especially while driving (to avoid any road ragers).

An armed society is a polite society
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