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Originally Posted by uncrx2003 View Post
I think purposely hitting someone with a car is assaulting with a deadly weapon. Am I wrong? I really don't find any humor in it when this happens, do you? We are not talking about true accidents. Those are going to happen.
While it may be classified as assault with a deadly weapon, what would you consider shooting at a fleeing car to be? I would call that reckless endangerment or something along those lines.
Crap like that happens in movies. In real life, real people get hurt by stray bullets. Also, who is to say that you shoot at that driver, and he/she calls the cops and says you shot at them. Do you have the money for that legal battle of he said she said?

Your best, and safest bet in a situation like that is to focus on make, model, and license plate number. That is.. if you are ok.
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