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Originally Posted by Spiff_P239 View Post
I just picked up my new 2012 Trek 7.6 FX from the LBS and love it so far except for one thing, the handlebars. On my first ride, I decided to see how fast I could get it moving on smooth pavement and with my weight shifted forward, the right grip started to shift and the end cap popped off. I managed to get it tightened back up temporarily but it doesn't appear as though it will be a permanent fix. Also, I'd like to get bar ends and do not want to deal with having to purchase an adapter so now I need to get a new handlebar and grips. Any help choosing a good handlebar and recommending a set of bar ends would be appreciated. I'm comfortable on the bike with the stock setup so I don't need anything that will change my riding position. Thanks in advance.
Both the grip and the end cap have bolts to clamp them on. If properly installed they should not move. I would take it back to the LBS and have them do a permanent fix. The IsoZone bar end adapters actually worked better than I expected so they might be worth trying if you just want to add stand size bar ends.

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