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For about 15-years from the early '80s the Sedis Sedisport was the chain most commonly used in the market. Was eventually bought out by Sachs. It's most likely a 7/8-spd chain and wider than the modern-day 9 & 10-spd chains. At this point, you have several options:

1. You can rejoin the original link if you didn't push out the pin all the way. I usually count 9 half-turns of the pin-tool. This leaves a little stub of the pin protruding inside the plate and requires bending the chain sideways to free the link. If so, you can just push it back in with the chain-tool after re-assembling the link. Then flex that link laterally a couple times to loosen it up. If you've pushed the pin out all the way, it's a bugger to get back in. If the angle is slightly off from the hole and you push it in, it may widen the hole enough to not be a tight fit and the chain may break there under shifting.

2. get a wider master-link, measure with calipers 1st

3. get a new chain.

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