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It was just a couple weeks ago when I felt the air go out of my cycling ambitions. I was planning a trip into a Nat'l forest when I wasn't sure of a public access on the exit. So I went to the Taj Mahal, aka offices of the forest service to ask. When the greeters didn't know, they paged someone who would. Jimmy came down the stairs strutting full of ego, posturing with his chest puffed out as if he was someone to contend with.

Some catalogs appeared from somewhere and the roads were looked up. One column read, "no right of way", which meant there may be a locked gate and cast enough doubt to cancel my plans. Jimmy and I got to talking about our bicycling adventures when I told him about a trail completely blocked by a fallen tree. He had the idea that I was taking my bike on that trail when it is only for hiking or horseback through wilderness. He didn't care about the tree but rather took the opportunity to chew me out for nothing I was guilty of. He is a regular bike commuter and is a member of the local bike club. He invited me to attend each Tuesday or Thursday at a house in town. I've seen that group. My impressions of bicyclists has changed for the worse since my cordial meeting with one of them. Now they are all clowns clad in spandex and colorful garb, a group I don't want to be in.
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