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Yeah it looks very MTB in the pictures, but not so much up close. I guess the wheel size is deceiving.

I thought about the sus fork long and hard. I figure the whole point is fitness so it doesn't matter if I waste a bit of energy if I can be more comfortable, save my joints and be more safe in general. And this one doesn't even travel that much...

Disc breaks are actually an option for me (the 55 model), but they do add a 1/2 kg of weight and all those other disc break disadvantages and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to enjoy the benefits.

So you're right, to each his own, except due to lack of experience I'll know for sure what's mine only after I shell out the cash. But I've made my peace with that...

Thank you very much for going through all those considerations and reassuring me about the brand!
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