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Originally Posted by lilHinault
$5 gas will get more of us out there all right.
Exactly, and if the U.S. economy were truly 'market' based, this is about how much gas would be. All the government oil subsidies keep gas costs artificially low. As others have mentioned, even with gas costs compartively low in this country, cars are still expensive, but not so expensive that most people can afford them.

In the end, most consumers will do what is practical. Since we live in a society that encourages people to drive and makes it affordable for most, most people will drive. In most European countries (among others) oil isn't subsidized and this is reflected in the cost to consumers. Consequently, most people can't afford to drive as their primary means of transit, and bicycling is much more widespread.

Reading some of the posts, I realized how much I take for granted that I live in a bike-friendly city (Seattle). Even so, Seattle isn't nearly as bike friendly as most western European cities (esp. in Holland).
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