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Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post
Yeah it looks very MTB in the pictures, but not so much up close. I guess the wheel size is deceiving.
Hadn't given the wheel size a thought. Was entirely thinking about the fork angle. There are plenty of 29er MTBs these days.

Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post
I thought about the sus fork long and hard. I figure the whole point is fitness so it doesn't matter if I waste a bit of energy...
Thing is, as measuring devices us humans are real sucky at registering absolute values, but we're real good at noticing differences. Even comparing a short-travel fork to a rigid fork, the rigid will feel a lot more responsive. IMO, on marginally challenging terrain such a bike is just more fun to ride. It's more direct, you feel more connected.
Whatever puts a smile on your face will make you ride harder and longer.
But yeah, time needed for riding a set distance sus vs rigid might not mean much.

Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post my joints...
If you were talking about riding singletrack, or maybe horse trails, I'd give you that w/o hesitation. But on paved roads they'd really have to be horribly bad for that to be a realistic consideration.

Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post more safe in general.
Huh? How do you think a sus fork will make you safer?

Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post
Disc breaks are actually an option for me (the 55 model), but they do add a 1/2 kg of weight and all those other disc break disadvantages....
And what would those be?
Hydraulics can be a bit tricky if you're frequently popping the wheel in & out I suppose. And I guess every disc brake rider will bend a rotor eventually. Not much to lose any sleep over IMO, particulary considering what you're getting in return. Unlimited rim life, all-weather consistency etc.

Originally Posted by JonnyRo View Post
...I'm pretty sure I won't be able to enjoy the benefits...
If the intention is to ride for fitness purposes, then regularity is a big thing. This means you'll need to get your exercise in when the schedule calls for it, not when the weather is nice. You see the conflict here? Either skimp on your purpose, or have an alternate training option available, or ride in all weather.
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