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Scattante R-660, or "A Welcome Surprise"

I waste copious amounts of time on craigslist, so it's nice when all of that "effort" really pays off. Earlier today, I picked up a pretty lightly used Scattante R-660 road frame+fork/headset from a guy for the grad student-friendly price of $50. I know it's not the new Cervelo Sex-5, but, for me, it's a great first opportunity to build up my own bike.

So, because I have no idea where to go from here, I'm doing what any millenial would do. I'm coming to ask the internet.

I'd like to use the bike for road racing and faster group rides, and I'm trying to find the sweet spot between performance and price. Those of you who build on a budget - do you just lurk on craigslist until the parts you're after come up? Are there sites that sell certain parts at better discounts on a regular basis? Do you think it's worth teaming up with a shop that might give me a better deal due to the wide variety (and large number) of things I'm buying? Should I look for slightly older parts, or is bike tech evolving at such a pace that older parts are entirely obsolete?

I'm really just looking for a nudge in the right direction as I put this thing together over the next 6-ish months (fingers crossed). Thanks in advance.
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