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Originally Posted by PJCB View Post
Thanks! At first I was a bit disappointed, but then again this is the furthest/longest I've rode in years. I've been sedentary for about a year or two now. Forgot to tell you guys that I had to stop midway to pee and take a breather, along with about 15 mins early on for adjustments and whatnot. I feel like tomorrow morning won't be nearly as brutal, seeing that it'll be at 530am instead of 445pm.
Breaks are alright. I have started to start filling up on water at work a few hours before I leave work and go pee before I leave. Keeps the bladder at bay usually. I've also gotten pretty good at coasting a while to take a breather but stop if you need. No shame in that. You'll be surprised how fast your cardio gets better. I got a heart rate monitor for my regular workouts but all wear it while riding since I use it for fitness too. My heart rate when riding fairly hard has gone fro an average of 148 or to to about 130. I'm working just as hard but the heart isn't as taxed. Plus I feel much less winded.

My opinion, be stoked on the ride! You did something you wanted to do for a while. You saved gas. You got a little bit healthier. All good things. It'll all get easier over time.
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