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More tire in back ? ? ?

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured MTBers would have the best information about cycling on unpaved surfaces. I'm putting together a hybrid for use on the recreational trails in state and national parks, rails to trails, gravel and dirt roads, etc. I'm using an older steel 700c rigid fork hardtail frameset similar to a cyclocross frame. There is lots of room for the back tire but the fork isn't as generous. I'm thinking of using the Schwalbe Smart Sams I can easily fit the 45mm on the back but will probably be limited to the 40mm in the front.

Is there any advantage to having a larger tire in back or should I just pick both tires based on the largest size that will fit the fork? The geometry of this frameset is relaxed enough that I'm not worried that a couple mm taller in the back will adversely affect steering or stability, but would I gain anything?
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