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Like Daspydyr said, you generally want the same size tires, or a wider tire in front depending on your situation. A wider tire in rear can be a problem in the wrong situation. If you get onto uneven ground, or are going around a turn on loose terrain, you want the rear tire to have equal or less grip than the front so that it slides out from under you first(assuming a tire slides out). If the front slides out first, you're almost certainly hitting the ground shoulder/face first, and many many people have broken collar bones from that type of accident. If the rear slides out, you have a much better chance of staying upright and if you do go down then it will probably be on your side rather than face first. In your case, I'd definitely recommend just finding out the widest tire you can fit in the front and then using that same tire in the rear. You'll probably want to put a little more pressure in the rear tire.
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