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87 cannondale ST frame quality VS Surly LHT? Someone with experience?

Hello from Croatia!

Need someone with experience to give me a honest not subjective advice regarding my challenge?

First, just to say that here in Croatia is very hard to find a thrully touring bike.
I toured few times during past few years on my road bikes such as 1982 Bridgestone diamond road cromo,... Slowly collected experience and all the components for my future ultimate touring rig.

After soaking all the informations regarding touring subject on the web i finally decided to buy a brand new Surly LHT frameset. Unfortunately in this moment there is no any surly frameset on stock in any shop in Germany or Austria as far as i know, where is the closest Surly dealer near Croatia. It would not be a problem to wait for such a thing even i wanted to catch this summer to take a longer tour in August, but a day ago i suddenly found in a local bycicle online add for 1987 Cannondale ST 400 bycicle in excellent condition for a 24 old bike. The frame was taking good care of its owner...

Since i have all the components i need i dont care about the low end suntour / dia compe components that are on. The frame is what i am after and the frameset was the same for all their touring models back then.

Now, Surly LHT frame would cost me cca 500 usd, The guy is asking for CA complete bike 400? About Surly we know everything.... If you asking me it has nicer vintage design, smaller tubes, and of course its a steel. Cannondale is made of strong alu with tange steel fork and it looks confident too. The design even looks good to me as more as i am watching it. The both frames are tigwelded with steel forks. They have brazeons for racks and bottle cages...Cannondale has 1" fork which i prefer more, even because of it bigger tubes i think VO tall stack stem would fit really great?!

I compared those two 23" geometries and except of course material, there are some differences such as
little longer wheelbase on surly, top tube Su 58, CA 56,5cm, Seat tube angle Su 72, Ca 73,5, Ca has fork bigger than Su... Ca also doesnt have a slopping top tube...

You can check Cannondale details here:

So, my question is can somebody with cannondale experience from that era and with knowledge/ experience with LHT, honestly tell me will i be much more dissapointed regarding functionallity and in general with quality of ride with Cannondale vs Surly OR the both frames are excellent choice for purpose with some difference that not affect riding quality so much?

You can realize from that is all about impatience ....but it has also something with rationality too.

Any good thoughts or advices are more than welcome?

Ps. Sorry for my bad english...

Thank you very much in advance.

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