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I'm not providing "perfect" information for you. But, seeing that you have no replies yet, I want to provide some information that might be helpful.

I can comment directly on the Surly LHT. It is an awesome bike (and I am a racer saying that). I bought one for my son and another for him when he gets bigger (or for me if he changes preferences). I love the ride/feel of it. I feel so relaxed and enjoy taking in the sights and smells of the world when on it. He just rode 1400 miles with several others (all carrying all their stuff on their bikes) through Europe, including parts of the Alps and Pyrenees, in less than a month and he says that the bike was absolutely awesome.

I rode Cannondale's SR series back in the 80s and I ride a System Six these days. I can't comment on their touring bikes, although, I think the most recent versions have a fine reputation.

You make some comments about the bike sizes. I'd be very careful about compromising on size in order to get a great deal. If you like the ST and it fits you well, then, why not seriously consider it. But, if the fit is off, personally, I would not get it.

If cost is a key issue, you can find the LHT frameset new from some vendors who offer discount codes (10 or 15% off -- although, they may not ship to Europe); you could then build it up economically. Alternatively, keep an out on eBay.

Good luck.
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