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Originally Posted by Jer81B View Post
Hi Guys

I was just wondering what are some good online retailers? being new to bikes I dont know which are good ones and ones that should be avoided? any help would be great. Is anybody aware of any Canadian ones?

Thanks for any help


Here are a few UK online retailers.Most of them will ship for free, or based on a small minimum order. There is no duty on bicycle parts from the UK. Depending on which retailer, some will even charge you in CDN Dollars on your visa card (ie: no conversion rate on currency) They ship by Post so the only fees to deal with are CDN $8.50 brokerage fee and HST (Harmonized Goods and Services Tax) depending on which province you live in. Careful with the cycling clothing. These are classified as garments and if you order any of these items alone, you may get dinged another 18% duty (IIRC) on top of everything else. Check their sites first and remember, if you order clothing, make sure you order it in conjunction with a bike part or accessory. Sometimes they lump it all in one parcel and stamp it as bike parts.

Here's a list:

Hope it helps.

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