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By that, I mean this bike has been just about perfect. It's my go-to bike for just about everything.

I wish the gears were a bit closer together, but it's OK. I've changed the rear tire, and I've put on pedals that have SPD on one side and accept a regular shoe on the other side.

That's about all.

I'll soon install a rack and some dynamo lights. I still haven't decided about fenders. I don't want it to get too, too heavy.

As someone said, it's not super quick in handling, but it's quite decent at climbing. And it's absolutely amazing at high-speed descents. I can ride no-hands and turn around at high speed. Not that it's a good idea, but I can do it.

I have fantasies of putting on an 8- or 9-speed drivetrain, but that would be a lot of expense for not-a-lot of improvement. Same with lighter rims.
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