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SCHWINN MADISON 2012 - weird size / sizing explanation

Hi, so I'm a noob to the world of cycling. I did weeks of research before making the jump and finally decided on a Schwinn Madison 2012 for $425. The only thing is, I hope I got "the right size". Now before anyone tells me this has been talked about, I know. I researched these forums with a fine tooth comb but what I haven't seen is someone explain why the Madison's are sized just the way they are. I'll explain:

I'm just over 6'1" with a 33" inseam (34" PBH) and from almost every chart out there, I should easily be on a 58 - 60 cm bike with at least a 57 or larger top-tube! So this led me to getting the Madison XL which is a 58 seat and 57.5 top. But those damn Maddy sizings say I should be on their size L, which is only a 56 ST/56.6 TT. Even the sticker on the bike said eht XL was for people 6'2"- 6'6"!

The ONLY thing that would "match" size wise on the Large is the standover height. So what's the deal? Are Madison's just really tall bikes with cramped geometry? The reason I bought the XL instead of the L is because I thought the ST and TT would be much more important factors than just the standover (which pretty much is a nutgrazer for me on the XL). I've seen that user Scrodzilla at 5'10" rides a L so I assumed that me at 6'1" would be fine on a XL. The people at the bike shop that set it up said the Schwinn geo was weird, that I could probably be on a smaller bike for the standover alone, but that everything else seemed fine. Thoughts? Explanations?
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