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I don't think you're in the wrong place. You're not talking about the drivetrain at all, and a bike frame is a bike frame. You may find more people that have this exact bike in the Single Speed forum, but roadies are great about sizing their bikes perfectly, so this is probably a fine place to start.

I haven't been in the SS market for a few years so I had to take a look at the newest Madison. I like the paint scheme although I'm disappointed they stopped making the chrome fork crowns, are no longer shipping with drop bars, and most surprising: went to aluminum instead of cro-mo!! I guess they're going for a more modern, urban look, while the older Madisons (pre 2010) were more of a classic track look. Anyway, doesn't matter. You bought it because you liked it. I'm sure it's still a good bike.

As for the sizing, I'm not an expert, but I am about your size and went through a similar sizing experience. The XL is potentially a little big if you don't have at least an inch of clearance when standing over it. Now, standover isn't the most important part of sizing, (top tube is more important for riding comfort), but it does help to be able to actuall touch the groud at a stop.

Do you feel stretched on it or can you ride it comfortably with a little bend in your knee? That's really the most important part.

Now, if you can return it, there are places online to get a decent road bike with drop bars and gears (and a chance to size it over again) for $425
(or slightly more). I like and Look at the Schwinn LeTour Classic and Gravity Liberty 2. Or if really like the Madison for it's single speed and urban style, and it's comfortable, keep it. Just make sure you ride the hell out of it and stop worrying about what the charts say.
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