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Originally Posted by StreisandEffect View Post
I didn't get a chance to ride it because it was an online purchase. There are two really nice LBS in my area but had nothing in my price range that was as nice as the Madison... mostly heavy Steel bikes in the 400 range or old used bikes. So no I didn't get to ride it. Also I wasn't aware that it was considered a road bike... I was misinformed. If a mod wants to delete this thread feel free and I'll repost in the appro forum.
The Schwinn Madison is indeed a road bike, but it's a special type of road bike, a single speed road bike. However, when most cyclists speak of road bikes, they envision a multi-geared bike with drop handlebars. Of course, these days bikes seem to be morphing into all kinds of diverse shapes, so maybe it doesn't really matter as much as it used to, anyway...

However, with respect to BF, I guess it does mean something, in terms of organization and categories...


Different manufacturers use different methods and standards in sizing their bikes. A 58 cm produced by KHS may very well be a 56 cm produced by Schwinn. Ya just never can really tell, until you've mounted and ridden the bike. At the very least, do a standover.

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