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Thanks for all the replies so far. Well standover basically makes my balls sit on the bar... there's still room like an inch or more to the actual pubic bone. I can lift the bike an inch or so and I can stand over it comfortably, there's just not much room for error. I didn't realize the shop I ordered it from considered it a special order so unfortunately I can't return it for a L. Had I known this I probably wouldn't have taken the chance. I had read conflicting info on the importance of standover and that it wasn't nearly important as the tube lengths which seemed to align to my geometry much closer on the XL. I'm riding it daily but honestly wasn't sure how it should "feel". It does feel "big" if that makes sense but not necessarily uncomfortable. My legs feel comfortable, although I feel like I'm leaning on my hands a bit. Would a shorter top tube make this better or worse? I guess the only thing to do is stick with it a while and see if it works for me.

One other thing, the seat is uncomfortable as hell. Any upgrade recommendations? Thanks!
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