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Originally Posted by AEO View Post
I remember stacking on like 2x ultra missiles that would torso destroy any mech that could ever be built.

That was all it could carry, but it was so easy in 1 vs. 1 scenarios.

In the MW2 era, my favorite was an unusually customized Timber Wolf I called the Walking Heatsink. I'd capture it by overheating it with flamers until it shut down, then carefully shoot out the cockpit for the kill, resulting in a full chassis salvage. In the next missions, I'd assign it to a lancemate and blow off both arms and one leg. Then on the next mission I'd take off the other leg. The trick was to repair it in the 'Mech Bay without replacing any of the lost criticals from those segments, leaving them open for something like 34 double heatsinks. Then I'd just plunk in two Clan Medium Pulse Lasers, get within 400 meters and attack. It could deal out incredible damage by the time it hit thermal redline.

Good times...
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