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Originally Posted by AEO View Post
personally, I liked heavy gear 2 more so than mechwarrior as a mech game

Timber wolf was definitely a favorite, simply because of the sheer amount of weapons you could load onto the thing and fire at once without overheating.
otherwise it was mainly grizzly or kodiak, because that's all they gave me.

I don't quite remember which MW I was playing, but it sure wasn't the first one.
I loved the speed and flexibility of HG2. My best friend and I spent many late nights on the LAN with that game. I learned to fear his infighting while he learned to fear my MAC prowess...

MW2 Mercs: Dire Wolf

MW2 Ghost Bear: Atlas

MW2: Jenner IIC
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Originally Posted by Bklyn
Obviously, the guy's like a 12th level white wizard or something. His mere presence is a danger to mortals.
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