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Originally Posted by SHIM_105 View Post
I have size 48 Shimano R106 shoes with cleats for Look A5.1 pedals. I've been switching up cleat position constantly from front to back, and side to side yet at the 50km mark I'm in pretty much debilitating pain. I experience immense pain across the ball of the foot, particularly right under the joint of the big toe metatarsal on both feet. It's a burning/throbbing sensation and it just gets worse as I go along. I've tried riding a 100km but I end up limping through it. There is just no power to the pedals beyond 50 or 60 km's. I have very wide feet to the point bunions have formed on both of them and that's where I'm feeling the pain. Is this something fitted inserts would solve? It's really taking the enjoyment out of cycling for me.
Making that metatarsal happy is the key to foot comfort. Custom insoles from a good fitter can go a long way towards fixing that. So can the right pair of shoes. For me, it's Sidas Conformable insoles with Lake shoes. Good luck, it's not an easy problem to solve.
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