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Originally Posted by SHIM_105 View Post
Thanks for all the advice. I'll have to do something. Probably see what's available in my area for shoe fitting then perhaps those inserts.
couple more ideas on foot pain, since I'm on the mend.

Had some pain in the metatarsal area, not as bad as yours but on the outside of the ball of foot area (ball of the little toes).

After several months of various things including less riding, which didn't really have a great effect, I stumbled onto some good tips and am well along toward full recovery. My condition may be called "spread foot" if you want to search for more info. Not sure though.

But the tips to solving it have been to build stronger feet. Actually doing ballerina things is helping. Toe pointers - point toes forward in direction of legs and hold the position for a while. Toe raises: Raise yourself on your toes, one or both feet, do repetitions. Haven't tried running in the sand yet but that was recommended.

And one of the keys for me was metatarsal support in my cycling shoes. Made obvious differences as I no longer have pains after medium or longer rides (more than 40km). I bought insoles from Sidas which claim to be conformable - and I left them in the original position (highest metatarsal arch). Feels a bit weird at first but over the duration of the ride and later, it's definitely the right way to go.

Good luck
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