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Mechwarrior4 has also been released free as part of the new ownership by Smith & Tinker. http://www.mektek.net/projects/mw4/

In MW4's single-player mission, there were several very difficult missions. "Country Life" and the Overlord dropship takedown, as well as an urban search-&-destroy in the city. On maximum difficulty, the first two are nearly impossible

Anyway, if you want a good brawler 'mech for MW4, try a Gladiator with four LBX10 autocannons and two or three Clan Flamers. They all recycle at the same rate and the heat from the Flamers will keep opponents off-balance if they're running heat-intensive weapons.

For those who've never played a MW game, the MW4 intro movie subtly teaches you Almost Everything You Need To Know About BattleMechs:

They're big. They can walk or run. Their torso and legs can aim independently. They can be destroyed by excessive heat. They have lockable tracking radar but lockup takes time. They have a variety of weapons. They have defensive options like AMS but you'd better remember to install them (or to eject ) They can take damage that reduces their effectiveness. And they can BLOW UP. Oh, and the people piloting them can be treacherous snakes.

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