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Originally Posted by lsberrios1 View Post
I noticed that I needed some shorts. I am starting to have trouble urinating and I think those are symptoms of the seat killing the sitting bone. I do know I have to get a propper fit in the bike but shorts will help immensensely, I've heard.
If you're having trouble urinating, you could be having a serious issue. Make sure you're consuming enough fluids! If you're having pain while urinating, you may have a UTI. See a doctor ASAP. Fitting can help, as can shorts, but normally you'd feel overwhelming pain in your balls or choad before you would have trouble urinating... so... be careful.

Also I would like to get equipment to measure my rides and get some telemetric data out of them. They had the Garmin Edge 500 at the store but it was way too expensive at 350.00 or so. I am looking for something durable and accurate but more beginnerish... Any recommendations appreciated. Hopefully something that doesnt break the $100 barrier. Looking for something with speed, distance, maybe something to measure grade % on hills and maybe cardio monitoring.

Thank you!
If you have a smartphone (like an iphone or android) you can download several different apps that will track your rides for you using the built-in GPS. Check out Strava.com for their app.
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