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I have a questions about steel frames, old and new.

I am looking to build/buy a bicycle for myself. I want it to be steel, but light and quick enough (I am not interested in touring, this will be my bike for group rides, triathlons, what-have-you). I have looked through a lot of old frames and new frames/complete bikes and I am wondering what is causing the massive price increase? For instance, a new Raleigh Record Ace costs around $1900 new. I understand that it is well equipped component wise, but it still weighs in at a little over 20lbs. By comparison an '88 Schwinn Peloton (not even top of the line-up for that year) weighs 22lbs, with its original components. I can only imagine that it would weigh less than the Raleigh if it were upgraded equally (and still cost less). I understand that that is only one example.

So, I asked that question as a sort of lead in to my real question - Would it be a good idea to find on older steel frame of good quality and upgrade it with modern components? Have there been drastic improvements, or are there drastic differences (assuming the older frame is in good shape)? Would an older frame like the Schwinn Peloton I used as an example modernize well (would is fit a ten speed drivetrain?). And lastly, what are some reasonably priced older steel frames I should look out for as good candidates to build this dream bike of mine with (some that have caught my eye are late '90's Schwinn towards the top of the line-up, Centurion Ironman, Trek's 531 or columbus tubing).
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