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Originally Posted by bikenh View Post
Thanks for the responses. Who makes the neoprene sleeves? I didn't even know they existed.

I will say it is amazing when you ask a question, rather open ended looking for a multitude of answers/ideas and some people want to think their way is the only way. I got to laugh. On the upcoming trip I'm planning on taking starting in a week or two...I don't plan to use Reply With Quotepanniers. I will be using a backpack for carrying everything. If I'm going to be sweaty, who cres if my back is sweaty or not. It's pointless. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail 15 years with the same backpack I'm planning on using on the bike trip and didn't think a thing about it then. I've used the same backpack for running errands on the bike January-December for over 1.5 years now and don't think a thing about it. It rides very comfortably and goes with me when I get off the bike, no leaving it behind for someone to rummage through/steal my stuff. Everybody has their own way of doing things and as I posted originally I was looking to see what everyone was using to try to get different ideas, not just one idea. I think that is enough said.
I don't know if you are eBay savvy, but they are available for much cheaper prices than in the retail stores. They basically are a neoprene pouch that the computer slips into. The top pulls over the computer to create a nice closure. They are not overly waterproof, but help as a secondary defence against rain ingress.

You can hunt them down in computer and electronics shops. You will have to know the size of your computer (eg, 9", 10", 11", 13", 15" or whatever) to get the right size pouch. They come in various colours, too.

We invested in a pair for our computers, and while I was leery of them initially because I didn't think the neoprene at the stitching would be durable enough, we have been pleasantly surprised at how they have held up with constant use over the past six or seven weeks. I feel they do provide an extra bit of resilience and vibration damping inside the pannier.

The only issue is that if you are carrying a power pack (as we are), it won't fit very comfortably in with the computer inside the sleeve. I am using a toiletries bag to carry the pack along with adapters and spare batteries for camera, video and bike computer.

We have Altura waterproof panniers which, as I know, are not a part of this discussion, but if there was any doubt (initially) about their waterproofness, I have just put the computer inside the sleeve into one of the spare Sea-to-Summit bags I am carrying and sealing that off. I've discovered several times that this is a good strategy if there is a need to open the pannier to retrieve other gear while it is raining and there is no shelter about.
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