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Originally Posted by LeeG View Post
Biken, $.02 is to have something that can have multiple uses as well as provide water/crash protection. While 1/8" thick fabric covered neoprene is nice you can't do much else with it. How about starting with an ultra light dry bag to put the lap top in, Sea ToSummit makes fine ones. That way you have something waterproof to carry it from tent to bike in bad weather. Then make a sleeve out of two Thermarest SportSeats taped together. The lap top with rolled down dry bag covering can the slip down into the sleeves and you can deflate the seats as needed for other gear. In camp put a t-shirt over the seat sandwich and it's a pillow.
I really like our neoprene sleeves. They're small, relatively light ... and mine doubles as a mouse pad. I wasn't thinking in terms of rain protection when we got them, although they probably work for that to some extent, I was thinking more in terms of laptop protection. I have actually dropped my laptop once already, and it seems to have survived just fine. Maybe it would have without the neoprene, but I suspect the neoprene helped cushion the fall.

I haven't used the Sea to Summit dry bags yet for my laptop/notebook but I could probably rearrange things and free up one Sea to Summit bag for it if necessary. However, we've been through some heavy downpours and our panniers have performed very well so far. They're Altura and they seem to be waterproof so far.

Since you are not planning to use panniers, I would recommend looking at both the neoprene sleeves and the Sea to Summit bags. As it happens, Sea to Summit has started to produce some incredibly small and light products. We've been very impressed with duffle bags and backpacks that scrunch down into TINY packets. They aren't waterproof, but my two new Sea to Summit dry bags are, and they are a similar extremely lightweight material.

I've got photos of our duffle bags and backpacks in my Asia set.
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