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Originally Posted by Amesja View Post

Nobody can buy parts to built a wheelset out of parts anywhere near where a machine-built wheelset can be found at.

Things like rimstraps and other little details are often overlooked as well and add up. If one has to pay labor to have the wheel built it makes it even higher by a significant amount.

Even though I built my own wheels and got a good deal on spokes from Lee I spent more on the wheelset on my Raleigh than many decent mid-ranged bikes cost at bikesdirect.com

Add in rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, rim-straps, tubes, tires, cassettes, skewers and we are talking big money already.
I just ran the numbers...with tires and cassette, right around $700 for the wheels with used hubs! I could have likely saved $300-$400ish by going with a used wheel set and compromising on the rims. When you add the little stuff (chain, pads, etc.), that's where the donors save major $$$.

Granted - now I have a bike that should do exactly what I want and how I want. Still, it would have been cheaper to have bought the frame and then bought a high end, used, CX bike. Steal the parts, sell the frame - the total would probably be $1000 less.

As another comparison, I paid around $800 for my old Poprad and that had major upgrades through out (DA levers, alpha Q fork, Mavic Askiums, ultegra rear). After the Brooks and other bits, i was under $1,000 for that bike and I liked it a lot...will the Vanilla be $3,500 better? I doubt it - and it's around the same weight, if not heavier. On the plus side, it does have Campy as opposed to 9sp Shimano. That was a great bike, too bad the fit was slightly off. For my money people who want quality steel bikes cheap, but more modern, need look no further than Lemond.

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