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Originally posted by Tourist in MSN
Yes, I also have Ortlieb panniers but I do not store my netbook in the pannier in the campsite, so I do not consider my Ortliebs to be the "waterproof" solution. Also, try packing up your camp during a rain storm and getting everything into your pack or into your panniers in a dry state and you will understand my logic - the panniers are only waterproof when closed.
Maybe, but my wife can pack up all our sleeping bags, pads, and inside the tent "stuff" while still inside the tent. I usually get breakfast going while she is working on packing. Her panniers are inside the tent, and she carries the netbook. She is short, and has a lot of room at the end of the tent. My panniers are under the vestible and are protected from the rain. The only thing that gets damp is the rackpack which carries the tent, and ground cloth. I usually use plastic grocery bags as "dry " bags to store wet tent , rainfly, and ground cloth in to keep the rest of my things dry.

Breaking camp in the rain, while not much fun has not been much of a problem. I just don't cook breakfast on those mornings.

I'm more worried about water in my bar bag where I keep my camera. I use it a lot even when it is raining, so it gets opened a quite a bit, even in the rain.

Some of the discussion on this thread reminds me of a qoute I heard (not referring to Tourist in MSN's post above) .

Narcissim of small differences--- "The need to distiguish oneself by minute shadings and to insist with outsized militancey, on the importance of those shadings".

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