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Originally Posted by Doug64
Narcissim of small differences--- "The need to distiguish oneself by minute shadings and to insist with outsized militancey, on the importance of those shadings".
And, Doug, exactly whose posts are you referring to?
It was a general observation (my opinion) about several pots, including mine, in this thread. It may just be the nature of forums, but a lot of discussions end up fitting this description, e.g., drop bars vs flat bars, bar end vs. brifters, lycra vs baggy shorts, clipless vs toe clips vs platform pedals, electronics, ultralight, weight distribution between fron and rear panniers...............................

Another issue with electronic messaging is that the intent of a post often does not come across in the post. It is easy for me to read something into the message that was not really there or intended. That is why e-mail was generally my last choice for important matters in my working life.

I believe the the opinions expressed in any forum should be respected, because that is what they are, opinions. We cannot determine the validity of an opinion; any more than we can determine motive, economic status, etc. We should be able to disagree and state our own opinion without being "attacked", and getting defensive. Here again, an "attack is a perception that may not have been intended in the post.

In this case it got into a discussion of Orlieb vs. XXXXXXX panniers, instead of the real issue: waterproof vs non-waterproof panniers.

The OP asked what we used to protect our computers from moisture. I think most us were trying to answer the question. He did not indicate that he was going to use a backpack. Heck, that could have brought up another discussion.

I'll keep this post short. I'm typing with one hand. Between my right forearm and right knee I have about 2 dozen sutures from a bike crash last Thursday. I would point out the merits of wearing a helmet, but I don't want to get too far OT or start a helmet vs non-helmet discussion. Damn road bike anyway

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