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Originally Posted by Velognome View Post
Wow, welcome to the forum! Gentle cleaning, grease & oil are generally a better route than a repaint, making things look "new". Patina is earned, let you bikes wear it with pride. The only word of advice is to be gentle, no steel wool please. I love your Clubman, should take you around campus and across lifes byways for many happy years. keep us updated with your progress and pictures.
You really don't want to think about repainting bikes like those - Much of their character derives from the original paint.
I wouldn't be bringing that bike around campus though - better to ride some POC that won't be such a huge target for theft. You'll not be replacing a bike like that Clubman - it's a very unusual and desirable find. Enjoy it and preserve it, so you can pass it on to your kids!
- Auchen
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