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This is all incredibly encouraging...thanks.

Guess I should ask for one of these for my 50th birthday:

One more hurdle: heard too many stories about people getting taken out by cars while on a bike. I live in a small town, with easy access to lots of quite country roads...except for the occasional speeding pickup driver who could care less about the cyclist hugging the side.

Here's my current take: there's risk in a lot of things we can choose to do. I got my private pilot certificate a few years ago. Definitely not the safest thing to do, but I viewed bearing the risk as worth it in order to achieve a goal (learning to fly a plane). I've stopped flying...don't have other current flying goals in mind, so it's not worth the time, money, or risk to me to continue flying.

I've enjoyed running for many years, and if it's just about exercise, I'm happy to keep my two feet on the ground. But if there's a goal attached to getting on a bicycle (x-country), then bearing that additional risk is worth it.

Just some out loud rationalizing here. Other thoughts on why the risks of cars (and dogs...a friend got the nastiest hip bruise I've ever seen falling from her bicycle while trying to escape a nasty dog) are bigger in my mind than in reality?
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