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I'm on my phone, so will be brief:
* I have the faghedaboudit, and use it with a heavy 4 foot cable that goes through front wheel and saddle rails.
* it is amazing, and takes a lot of worry about theft away.
* unless you lock to a very thin pole, you can't go through seat tube and rear rim. I usually use parking meters, and use the sheldon brown technique through just the rear wheel.
* it is heavy, but not impossible to carry all the time. It definitely requires that you htfu a bit.
* I tried lots of carry techniques, and settled on a handlebar/stem mount, similar to the twofish ulock mount. I used to carry in my messenger bag, but that was uncomfortable. Carring on the handlebar, stem is super stable, does't effect steering, and is easy to take on and off. Highly recommended.
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