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Ortlieb QL1 seems kind of lousy on my rack. Alternatives?

I just picked up some Ortlieb Backroller Classics. Chose them because the reviews were so overwhelming positive, and for simplicity and bright yellow color for visibility.

However I'm struggling a bit with the OL1 mounting thing-- specifically the bottom clip. The instructions royally suck-- I'm not even sure what is considered proper positioning of the clip. Just some diagrams with no words. WTF.

There doesn't seem to be a great position for it on my Bontrager Backrack II (pic: http://www.bicisport.es/accesorios/a..._backrack2.jpg). I can't have it in the "V" of the rack because the V isn't deep enough and it gets in the way. In fact I don't think I can position the clip anywhere inside the V. Seems like the only options are on the outside of the vertical bar or the outside of the diagonal bar. Getting the V position on the outside of the vertical bar makes the bag a bit close to my heal. It clears but just barely. Making it outside of the diagonal bar makes putting the bag on/off more of a hassle.

Moreover I was hoping to easily share these with my wife's bike and am kind of disappointed as to how finicky this is.

With my other (low capacity) panniers, it is simple with the traditional spring hook at the bottom.

So my options seem as follows:

1) Keep them and deal with finicky positioning and bike-to-bike transfer issues.
2) Ditch the Bontrager Backrack II for something else. The rack is pretty hefty/sturdy, so I'm not thrilled with this option.
3) Stick with Ortlieb but get the Backroller Plus model with the OL2. I loose the bright, visible colors.
4) Ditch Ortlieb and get those Arkel B-40s at my local shop. Not waterproof without additional covers.

Any opinions? Just weekend tours and commuting.
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