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You can always add an "air brake" to your rim brake/drum brake combo. That's where the stoker wears a windbreaker and raises his/her arms while holding the jacket up like a parachute. The person who built our first tandem used this technique when he was riding across the country on an inline quad. He found that two Phil Wood disk brakes (the only kind available back then) and two rim brakes just weren't enough to stop the four bodies on that beast. They used "air brakes" to get down under 40 mph before applying any other brakes. (They would routinely obtain speeds in excess of 70 mph.) We've used this technique on our tandem as well.

By the way, he retired that bike after a severe crash that was the result of a rear tire blow out. No one was seriously injured, but it scared the daylights out of all of them. His twenty-something son is about to bring it back into service because, like all people of that age, he is immortal.
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