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Originally Posted by badmother View Post
You need to search the forums and the net. Plenty stuff described out there, you`ll miss a lot of it if you just wait for the replies here.

Cheap Brompton bag is the Brompton basket. I added some material on top of it (made two) and turned it into a rolltop. This way nothing falls out of the basket and also the size can be extended quite a bit if needed.
She's right. There are many, many ways of adding bags, accessories, and components that are not always sanctioned or even part of the usual Brompton offerings. Some of them smacks of something people do themselves at home recycling like these Demano Bags imported from Spain: Even from Eastern Europe: simple Romanian made bags- Plus others done by noncommercial private people still scattered across the Internet. The point is people come up with the wittiest, cheapest ideas when the need & desire arises. Plus don't listen too much to or bother with the doomsayers and the ones who don't really have no encouragement in your quest for making bags or whatever that sometimes patronize forums & newsgroups.

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