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Lend it to her to show that Brooks saddle are good when broken in. But be wary of letting her ride on it a lot because issues may emerge because of differences between your sitbone and pelvic tilt. Having said that, she may be lucky that your sitbone widths are similar and the divots aren't particularly deep, and there won't be problems emerge, and the saddle will mould to her shap over time.

Lend it to her on the understanding that it is a test, and if things prove to be OK, encourage her to buy one of her own. Then make sure she understands that there will be a break-in period during which the Brooks may appear to be a weapon from hell -- or not.

A couple of other bits of advice. Ensure she knows about sitting on her sitbones, and has a good riding posture so she has her soft bits above the saddle. The adjustment period for a Brooks is critical to long-term comfort, as you know. In addition, ensure that if she is opting for a B17 that her handlebars are level or above her seat position. If they are well below, then a Brooks Pro or Swallow might be a better choice.

And from my personal experience, black Brooks saddles of any model for some reason take longer to break in than honey ones. I haven't had a brown one, so I can't comment there. But the several honey B17s I've had, including the one I am using right now on my tour bike, have broken in and have felt comfortable almost from first fitting.
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