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I'm much more of a laundry pro than a bike pro (am a grandma, LOL). Some HE (high efficiency) washing machines, especially front loaders, can develop a smell, because they use very little water and detergent residues build up on the outer drum, and start to grow bacteria and stink. That's why it's important to not use too much detergent, softener, etc. in them, and to run a tub-clean cycle with bleach every month. Some people have to use the machine cleaning products. The Charlie's Soap is a real detergent, but it is advertised as having no additives (brighteners, softeners, etc.) that would build up residues inside the machine, as many regular brand detergents have. I've had a front load HE for over two years and have never had a problem with an odor in the machine or clothes using that detergent (and I live in a hot, humid climate), so that's why I recommend it. I'm sure there are other good ones as well.

Others have given many good tips: leave the washer door open, dry clothes immediately after washing them so they don't sour, use a little white vinegar in the rinse, etc.

I'm assuming the OP doesn't have washing machine odor problems, just that odors don't wash out of his synthetic cycling clothes. (Synthetics can hold odors worse than other fabrics.) Try the Charlie's or some of the other products mentioned.

Most importantly, don't let the damp, dirty clothes sit-- wash them soon after you take them off, and don't wait about drying them after you wash them. Sounds like you might be leaving the damp and maybe dirty clothes too long, allowing them to become gross! If that's not the problem, then try switching laundry products. HTH--

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