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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
I somehow came upon this thread looking for a reference for another post. I started about page 5 and came up to date. Very beautiful and sexxy Bianchis posted here. I also think I need to post one of mine again if I may.

I got my '88 Grizzly in the fall of '09 and despite several tries I never seem to get a good full view pic of it. Also after using to run errands this past spring I have come ot the conclusion that it might be a bit too small. I will likely never use it for aggressive MTBing so a slightly larger frame may be needed.

Anyway here are a few pics Oh well my computer is acting up and I can't access my thumbdriver so you only get pics from the seller for now.

Hi Bianchigirll,

I've gone back to page 5 to re-visit your posts in this thread hoping to see your Bianchi family group shot but, alas, no family group shot. Don't they get along? Is there some sort of family jealousy or drama happening? Or is it just too hard to get them together in one place?

I've seen individual photos or a couple of family members together in the one photo but I can't recall ever seeing them all together. Is it possible to round them all up for an up-to-date group photo? Please. I hope I'm not asking too much.
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