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Originally Posted by PedalTraveler View Post
Thanks for the encouragement all!

Just an update, cleaned polished and de-rusted here it sits. The chrome turned out nice, the paint, well, it's there. A small preserved example of the bright "Flamboyant Electric Blue" can be seen where a license was. The license had the writing worn off it, so without historical relevance it had to go. A freshly greased headset and 3/4 of the other parts cleaned, it's on its' way! Next, a little more polishing and truing for the wheels.

Clubman, in Progress by ptpomber, on Flickr
Good thing you decided against a repaint. A shame you polished it and removed the rust, though. That was original British dirt and corrosion. And I'm quite shocked you decided to replace the original headset grease. The world has lost something irreplaceable.

Aside from that, nice bike. (And I certainly hope this crowd has talked you out of *gasp* actually USING it...)
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