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The touchup paint is Testors Red Metal Flake (looks a lot darker in the bottle). The silver is probably fine with the Testor's silver, but you can get a Sharpie fine point paint pen in silver and re-line the lugs. The '85, of course, is the only one with lined lugs. The same Testors Red Metal Flake works on the Comp TA and the Turbo.

I have taken the same setup to 9-sp friction, using the same setup as you, with newer wheels (Mavic CXP33's in the same dark red metallic). It worked fine, but the individual shifts are "dainty" compared to what you're used to. Mine was on a Comp TA, same color, same group. Just takes some getting used to, is all. The RD will reach.

I just threw in the towel on my '85, same color as yours. The stays and R side of the TT were just too far gone to touch up. I'd send you my touchups, but my Cinelli uses the same silver, and the shipping on the red would be more than the 1.59 it cost. Mine is now in the powder coaters, and I've chosen white, with the option to put constrasting colors on the head tube and rear stays still open.

That thing looks great. The chain rings match the wheels.
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