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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
At some velodromes I've raced at, the rule w/r/t the sprinter's lane starts with 200 meters to go. At other velodromes, it has been, "when the sprint is engaged," which in say a keirin can be with 500 or 600m to go. So that's a bit subjective.
Ok, I'll ask for some clarification at the event then... but sounds like there is some etiquette to it

Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
Anyway, the first person who takes the sprinter's lane is obligated to stay in it.
Anybody attempting to come around that person is obligated to stay outside of the sprinter's lane until they are clear of the person who has claimed the lane.
this is what I've been taught and understand.

Thanks for the other tips, I'm sure I'll know they types of riders the more I ride, and figure out what I'll become.

Next silly question. I take it the leading rider must wait for the sprint to "start" to take off? I'm assuming this is a rule/etiquette because I've yet to see this happen in any of the videos. In some of the videos I've seen I think I have seen the trailing rider "push" the lead rider to up the tempo, but not start the sprint... but I'm not 100% sure on this.
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