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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
A word of advice to someone doing their first match sprints: Don't be clever. Chances are that your opponent won't know how to react and you guys may make a mess.

- Ride it clean
- Keep an eye on your opponent.
- Wait for the sprint to engage (which usually happens as a Pavlovian response to the bell for the final lap)
- If you are the lead rider: Hold your line.
- If you are the passing rider: Pass cleanly without getting too close to your opponent.
this is good, keep it simple.
too often people overthink and try and make it too complicated after watching the experts with lots of experience who understand the nuances. to mix the sports metaphors, think less pro football offense i.e. running complicated plays and more tennis i.e. just hit the ball back over the net, respond to happens on the track.
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