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What??? Only 2 wheels?
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Originally Posted by JPMacG View Post
How hard is it to do this myself? ... I mean how hard is it to adjust the new spoke to bring the wheel back true? Is it only the new spoke that I will have to adjust or will I have to mess with other spokes as well? Can I use my bike as a truing stand for this work?
I suppose you'll get different answers, but here are mine.

It isn't hard but it may take patience. Depending on which spoke it is you may have an interesting task to thread the new spoke through the others. It's commonly a drive side spoke too, coming off the flange from the inside. You may have to remove the cogs (or freewheel). Do you have the tools?

Adjusting the spoke often requires the surrounding spokes be adjusted a little, but if you are careful and work slowly it isn't too hard. There are some guidelines. PM or email me if you're interested.

I always use the bike as a truing stand, have built wheels from scratch that way. Again, if you are careful and patient (and clever) it isn't hard.

But is your time worth only $20? That sounds like a pretty tolerable price for something that happens only every 2000 miles. On the other hand, the satisfaction of doing it yourself is valuable too.
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