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well a few days ago I was putting together a bike I was about to flip,

I tried to adjust a few of the ancient spokes and "pop" they snapped.

well they all seemed to pop- got a L and R out to measure them and found some in the used collection,

I just took the whole thing down and built it back together.

Today I have a friends old Dawes in, I again tried to adjust some tension back in the wet noodle of a wheel

oh well- guess Im swapping 3 spokes.

its quite easy to replace one spoke.

if you are going to get one spoke- take the wheel off and the cogs off-
remove one spoke on the same side that broke
- take it with you to the LBS so you get the correct length and correct nipple
why not pick up 2-3 as you know it will happen again.

put it back in and pay attention of the under and over pattern like the other ones.

tension it up untill the threads just disappear.

this is the start point.
hang the bike,
put the wheel without the cog back on and spin it.

find 2 clothes pins for each side of the stays-they make perfect gauges.

now give it a 1/4 turn at a time and you will get it pretty close-

there are alot of vids on youtube on truing and building wheels.

its fun and after you built a few wheels you have arrived at a very high level of bike wrenching.

good luck and you can do it!
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