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Is my frame poorly constructed? Can't center rear wheel perfectly!


I recently put together a new single speed track bike. I had a hell of a time trying to center the rear wheel. It rides perfect, and I can't notice any disturbances while riding. However, upon closer inspection I realized the problem:

First, the wheel can't be centered between the chain stay and the seat stay. I flipped the bike upside down, and aligned the rear tire with the seat tube/BB and tightened the nuts. Now when the bike is right side up, I found that the space between the tire and rear forks (chain stay and seat stay areas) is not equal. Now, I have a digital caliper and it's a matter of mm. There may be 1-2 mm difference of space on one side.

Now, is this a problem? Is there normal variation in frames? Will this affect the ride or the normal wear of components? I just want to see if this is an issue big enough to try and return the frame.

I heard in other threads that Kilo TT frames are commonly variable in their fork/frame construction. So should I not worry too much? If pictures would help, let me know.

Thanks for the help!
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